ExxonMobil’s New Floating Energy Center in Houston, Tx

ExxonMobil has been busy over the last few years commissioning a campus to  house 10,000 of their employees in a location close to Houston, Texas.

exx3 600x355 ExxonMobils New Floating Energy Center in Houston, Tx

Exxon Floating Energy Center-Image by Exxon

The heart and soul of ExxonMobil’s new campus in Houston, Tx is a floating energy center which appears to be floating over a pond.

It all started with their acquisition of 385 acres in an area north of Houston, Texas, the energy capital of the world.   After carefully choosing an architect to design the campus, they anointed Woodlands Development to implement the plans and put everyone into action.

exxon plot 325x294 ExxonMobils New Floating Energy Center in Houston, Tx

Exxon Land Plot 385 acres in Texas

This project has been deemed one of the largest commercial projects undertaken in North America over the last few years.  Imagine 16 tower cranes along with 3,000 workers onsite everyday.   What a boost has been  to the Harris County economy.  How would you like the be the food truck serving this construction zone?  Speaking of food trucks, they have really taken on steam over the last few years.

Foodtruckr.com is a good place to start if you are going on that adventure.

exxon campus 130514 ExxonMobils New Floating Energy Center in Houston, Tx

Back to the ExxonMobil campus.  What another incredible display of the intense orchestration involved in the construction of a commercial building.  ExxonMobil’s  design team has put a lot of thought into the campus to make it 40% more energy efficient than older buildings in the same area.  They will have an Energy center which will be the largest community space on the campus where they will welcome visitors and dignitaries.   You know the gang from Dubai is going to want a visit so they can find out why the United States is putting out so much oil.

What’s so fascinating about the design of the energy center is how  the architect made the structure above the open space appear to be floating over a pond.  All of the buildings will surround a three acre area which will serve as the central hub for the entire campus.  A total of twenty buildings will surround the area.  The reason for the design is to promote collaboration, and also not to detract from the surrounding Woodlands area.  ExxonMobil is moving employees that are spread out in Houston, Fairfax and Virginia so they can work together in the new facility.  This is slated to be finalized in 2015.

exx4 ExxonMobils New Floating Energy Center in Houston, Tx

Five interesting facts about the project:

  1. 80 percent of the campus will remain in its natural state or have transplanted trees, and plantings preserving native species.
  2. The land was previously used for tobacco, timber and cotton production.
  3. Water usage will be 80% lower than a typical building of the same size.
  4. There will be an on-site child development center for child care and eduction for children 6 weeks through pre-kindergarten.
  5. It will have a 10,000 square foot Wellness center.

There is an Oak Tree on the land which is over 150-200 years old and ninety feet tall.  They successfully moved it to the center of the campus.  Wow!

All right, so enough about ExxonMobil’s building.  What does that have to do with smart homes?  When a major company like this is moving 10,000 people into an area it causes quite a ruckus.  In fact, the local home builders can’t seem to build houses fast enough.  The realtors are trying to find houses for sale.  So, if you’ve been thinking of moving to the great state of Texas, consider Spring, Texas.  By the way, this is all happening just about 25 miles north of Houston.  Bobbie Wagner Persky’s website has great information.

I would say that ExxonMobile knows how to grow a local economy, wouldn’t you?

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