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Engraved Pint Glasses

Knowing how you would be able to engraved pint glasses is a good skill to have. It is actually an economical way to make a great and unique gift for your friend or loved ones or even as a personal collection by engraving glasses of your own. While many think that doing personal engraved pint glasses is a daunting task, the process is quite simple.

What you need is to just gather the basic supplies like computer software, protective goggles and engraving tool and then, do the steps below.

Step number 1. Create a design for the glass by using computer software to be able to design something that is uniquely you. There are plenty of photo editing software that can be good for graphics as well as heavy designing and also, word processing software that’s perfect for text based designing. Go for a large sized font for the text design so by that, it can be read and seen easily. When you’re through on the design, the next important thing to do is printing the size you prefer to be on the engraved pint glasses and then, cut off the excess around the design.

Step number 2. Place the printout inside of the pint glass and after that, tape it inside the wall. See to it that the design is straight and in the position as well to where you want it on the glass. You should then place a dark rag inside the glass for the design to stand out and to make it simpler to trace as well throughout the engraving process.

Step number 3. Now, you’re set to do engraving. As you proceed, make sure to wear safety glasses, turn on the engraving tool and then, set it to high speed. See to it that you don’t touch the glass until the engraving tool is at its maximum speed. Using the engraver like a pen, trace the design on the surface of the glass.

Number 4. With a damp rag, simply wipe off glass shavings in the engraved pint glasses you are working on. Be sure that the rag isn’t very wet as the excess moisture will interfere in your engraving process.

While it looks like the process is relatively hard to look at first, once you start with it, it would take a little bit of getting used to. This will take a little bit of practice to perfect doing engraved pint glasses but you’ll get it in no time. If you wish to have engravings on your pint glasses, this is how it should be done.

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